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recordings, and Flatland

Lately, I’ve been recording an album for a friend.  This has me thinking about the recording process, and how it’s similar to photography… namely, that both are very limited representations of the event they are trying to capture.  Obsessing over “accuracy” when making recordings of any sort is somewhat irrational, because recording itself is so relativistic.  What, exactly, constitutes “accurate”?  Put two different microphones in front of a guitar, get two different sounds… and neither sounds the same as listening to the guitar in the room.  Likewise, what the guitarist hears is different than what a listener hears!

In photography, the distortions and misrepresentation are more obvious, so I think they’re a little more tolerated.  But audio recording?  Why does anyone think this sounds “real”?

The residents of Flatland had no idea that they lived on a two-dimensional plane in three-dimensional space.  But we do, sort of.



Last night, I returned to DADGAD tuning on my acoustic guitar, the first time I’ve played significantly in that tuning for some time.   It was like coming home… I played through my old arrangements of Peter Gabriel’s “Here Comes the Flood”, Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter”, Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control”, and some of my original tunes.  I was surprised and pleased that I could get through all the old arrangements so well.

I’ve been neglecting playing acoustic guitar for its own sake lately.  I should get back to it, in my copious spare time.