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protective camouflage

I do most of my web hosting at, which has worked well for me.  I can install WordPress there (and have, for  But for daily blogging purposes, I stay here.  Why? 

Well, here I get the benefit of a large community to protect me from “predators”… spammers and site hackers.  I don’t have to worry about the security stuff as much here, because the community has much more interest in keeping that stuff away than I do.  I could go for days without checking one of my other websites.  It could get defaced or used as a spambot and I’d never know it.  For that matter, I prefer hosting services over setting up a Linux box and running my websites from home, even though I could.  Paying someone $10/mo is worth it just for the backups and security patches!

Y’know, given where this idea is going, the title sucks.  But it’s a cool phrase, so I think I’ll keep it.