blast from the past

My first electric guitar was a heavily modified Stratocaster, purchased in 1987.  It had three Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickups.  That guitar had spent several years in prison with its previous owner, so the pickups were probably among the first Quarter Pounds made.  They were noisy and I didn’t like their voicing, so I pulled them and started a quest for a quiet, clear Strat pickup.  Eventually, I sold that guitar, and the pickups, which were basically broken, sat in a junk drawer or got used as refridgerator magnets.

Fast forward to 2007.  I bought a Squier ’51, a nice retro-vibed Fender with a Strat-style neck pickup.  Great guitar, cheap pickups.  Rather than seeking out a new neck pickup, I dug out one of those old Quarter Pounds and had it rewound by OC Duff, who worked with me to get a voicing that matched my playing style.  Last night, I got it all together again, and had a blast with my new/old pickup.  It sounds terrific and looks great too! 

I mated it with a GFS Bigmouth bridge humbucker, which is a nice visual and voicing match (and a great pickup all around).  I also lined the pickup routs with aluminum tape and grounded them to reduce noise, and replaced the annoying rotary pickup switch with a DP3T on/on/on switch.  It’s turned into a very nice-sounding and good-playing guitar… I’ll have to haul it out to the next Stagner/Lovan/Scherr gig.


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