I’ve been experimenting this week with VST guitar amp simulators running within Tracktion 2, now that I have my soundcard latency down to a tolerable 5ms.  Amplitube came with the software, but I’m really digging the freeware Simulanalog, which comes with emulations of a Fender Twin and a Marshall JCM900, plus some stomp boxes. Signal goes from the guitar into a DI (M-Audio DMP3 preamp), and then gets recorded direct in Tracktion.  I can then change the amp settings or effects after the guitar part is recorded!  And I can use the amp simulator while recording, to give myself a reasonable sound and feel. 

Further experiments will involve copying a recorded track and then re-amping it with a different amp setting, perhaps mostly clean in parallel with mostly dirty.  And the idea can be taken further, using the recorded guitar part to drive a regular guitar amp/pedals that gets mic’d and re-recorded.  It’ll be interesting to see where I can go with this.  For now, I want to learn how to make nicer guitar parts for mixes.  But I can see this technique being applied in more experimental, exotic ways as well. 

At any rate, it’s a fun toy.


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