warts and all

Last weekend, I participated in a recording session with my friend Eric Coleman, who is recording a new album. Four of us were involved – Eric, his producer Isaac Norman, and Andy Anda on fiddle and mandolin. We also recorded a couple of tracks for Isaac’s next album.  Rehearsal was saturday, and recording was sunday.  Everything was tracked live, and we managed to record six songs in just four hours.

What really stood out was how relaxed and comfortable the session was.  Recording can be very stressful, pushing very hard on musicians’ insecurities.  We hear mistakes, think “one more take” will make things better, wonder if we’re committing something to posterity that we’ll be ashamed of later.  In this case, though, a number of factors overcame our fears.  First, there was the comfortable environment – a beautifully decorated basement belonging to another of Eric’s friends.  Second, we were recording live with an audience (there was always at least one person sitting out).  Praise and encouragement, not to mention honest and critical ears, gave each of us more confidence in our takes. It’s a lot easier to live with imperfections when listeners you trust are telling you how good the take was.

And ultimately, the positive, comfortable environment snowballed into a can-do atmosphere as the session wore on.  The last tracks went well in part because the first tracks went well. Success built on success.

 I’m SO looking forward to hearing it!

The Wall


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